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13 Feb

Cleveland Magazine: Feb 2014

Cleveland Magazine: Feb 2014

I haven’t posted anything in a while, but have no fear new works are on their way to being posted. In the meantime here is a picture of Christina and I in the February edition of Cleveland Magazine. We had our gallery open ( for the the Earth Day Event in the smartspace at 78th Street Studios and they stopped over. Our 3rd partner, Billy (not pictured), had to work but his art work is directly behind us. So it counts that we’re all in the picture! His piece is the smiley face art to the right.
rich and christina

This is for You Macgyver

7 Nov

bh 16aI built this birdhouse with intentions on giving it as a gift. I gave it to my neighbor and friend, who has helped me cut wood for the birdhouses, as well as given me some great reclaimed wood for my creations. My neighbor, Jason, is always working outside building and we hit it off pretty well when we moved in. But we really didn’t get to know each other until we went to another neighbors Halloween party years ago. He went as Macyver and i was Marty Mcfly. (it was an 80′s party). Any way, that’s why this piece has the Swiss army knife on it. I just that it was a positive way to remember my first impression of him. Any way, this piece is now in his collection, and we’ve become really good friends. bh 16b I really like this piece, and would consider it one of my top favorite birdhouses. It’s so simple, but so my style.

Early Bird Gets the Worm

23 Oct

bh 15bHere is my 3rd birdhouse for the Jose Posada Show. This is my double-decker house. I put poison bottles on the wings and added the text “Early Bird Gets the Worm”. The text relates to a common food for the birds, but also on the ideas of alcohol sometimes refereed to as poison (ex. what’s your poison?) I thought of the poison as tequila with a worm in the bottle. It might be a stretch on the conceptual aspect, but that was my feeling when i was creating the piece. The top of the birdhouse also had a bottle printed on it. So i played bh 15cwith that implied image and supplemented the other 2 points (the wings) harmonizing the overall piece with the theme of poison or alcohol. This is the first piece where i put on larger wings. These are full skate decks, where i usually trim off tips of the board. I think this has a great presence, kind of like a giant moth on the wall. This piece also has the “No Way Jose” logo i created on it. It was created for Jose Posada, but i guess after the show ends anyone could see it as Jose Cuervo (back to the tequila and worm idea). I like this piece a lot, and i really like all of the birdhouses I’ve posted thus far. It’s a fun project, and although they are all similar in style they each have a personality bh 15aof their own.

Cage the Animal

22 Oct

bh 14b Here is my 2nd bird house for the Jose Posada exhibition that opened on Sunday. Do you want to buy it? Sorry, to my surprise it had sold sticker on it. One lucky collector gets to take this home. This is a duplex home for the birds. You can see 2 holes for a multiple family dwelling. This another fun play on the butterflies in my stomach or bird cage idea. In addition to playing off Jose Posada’s influence of the Skeleton. Overall this is a darker piece. Not only physically darker with deep browns, blacks and grayed out areas, but the imagery is darker. There are a few pops of color in the base of the piece. You can see some reds and aquas in the original board. I love this piece and might make a others like it. This piece also features the tag “No Way Jose”, which is on all 3 of the pieces i submitted for the show.
bh 14a
bh 14c

No Way Jose

17 Oct

bh 13a So here is a sneak peak of one of my birdhouses for the Jose Posada exhibition (check my last post) at the Sandusky Cultural Center. The exhibition opens this Sunday. This is only the second time I’ve had my birdhouses for sale (the first was the 50/50 show at 78th Street Studios). My concept for the show plays of my pop culture sense and interest in fonts and text. Everyone has used the slang “No Way Jose”, so i popped it in to my piece, along with a skull and crossbones poison bottle. I also split the text “east” into ea and st. I thought the combination of St. and Cleveland near each other felt uplifting and juxtapose to the bottle of poison it created bh 13b a dialog. And continuing that dialog, was the portion of ea, or each that feels singular. The piece (after completion) struck me as this internal conversation people have with themselves at times of need or desperation, that are then turned around by an uplifting event or circumstance. It’s also interesting that the word east (in its whole sense) sets a tone for direction or division (east or west). The color concept for this piece is complementary. I used orange and blue with the addition of white and black. I have 3 birdhouses in this exhibition, along side many other great artists. I’ll post the other 2 pieces next week. The newer pieces I’ve been working on hinge from the top, and the hinge is visible (as in this piece). Older birdhouses were hinged on the side and internally. I’m playing with multiple solutions on making them functional. I hope you can check out the exhibit and see all of the work first hand. bh 13c

Jose Posada Exhibition

14 Oct

2013_5PosadaCover784 I’m participating in another fun exhibition at the Sandusky Cultural Center. This show is a commemoration of the 100 year anniversary of Jose Posada’s death. I have 3 pieces in the show, and they’re all birdhouses. For those of you asking if I’d be selling any of them, this is your chance. The exhibition opens next Sunday from 1-4pm. I’ll post pictures of the birdhouses after the show opens.

Soup Cans Equal More Thrust Power

25 Sep

bh 12bSo this one was actually one of the prototype birdhouses, and I’ve only recently finished it. I have a few more prototypes that are near completion. They are not the rocket ship style, and i need to figure out a few things. They’ll be posted soon enough. The basic piece has been done, but before i posted i wanted to make sure i had it ready for instillation. This is a tall piece, and i ran the top piece of the box on an angle. I also have soup cans on the bottom of the box to resemble rocket thrusters. I like that idea a lot, but i keep forgetting to keep the cans when i make dinner. This piece also features a flame (as do other birdhouses) and my name. I didn’t really add too much other things to it. There was plenty of text and graphics to play with. I really like this piece, and I can’t wait to install it or find it a good home. bh 12c

bh 12 a

Another One Bites the Rust… in Cleveland, OH

24 Sep

bh 11a

bh 11b

bh 11c I don’t have much to say about this piece. It is what it is. I like it, but i don’t have any stories to tell. Well… maybe i do. I put Scrabble tiles on this piece to help connect the imaginary lines of the skateboard from the top half to the bottom half. It also was used to fill the gap or space to make the surface flush. That’s it. Enjoy.

Living in a Cage

18 Sep

bh 7aThis is my skeleton skateboard birdhouse in the rocket ship style (that’s the short description). I sent this bird house to Virginia and asked a friend and very inspirational artist, Noah Scalin to hang it up some where. For those who followed my 365 Pez project, it was inspired in part by Noah’s project (Skull a Day). Noah’s skull a day project really motivated me, and now I’m creating my second run at a large body of work, being birdhouses. Any way, here’s the piece i sent him. It’s a fun play off his skull work, while also playing with the idea of a “cage” (bird cage/rib cage). I think this piece has more of narrative then other birdhouse’s I’ve made (thus far). The idea is possibly cliche when it comes to art work, and that’s the idea of life and death. I have a skeleton (death) on a rocket ship (after life) and the possibility of birds living in the birdhouse (life). I think the concept, although heavily stated, really works well and doesn’t come across “been there done that”. I love the color pallet of blues and bone/off white against each other. I’ve asked Noah, and others to hang their birdhouses up (inside or outside) and send me pictures. People who photograph a bird living in the house get cool points and high fives. I also plan on turning this project into a book. I’m currently talking to another friend/artist on assisting me with that portion (more details soon on that). bh 7cbh 7b

It’s a Bird, Its’a Plane… It’s a Number 2 Pencil?

17 Sep

bh 10aHere is one of my taller rocket bird houses. I’ve been having fun with heights and widths, so this happens to be one of those taller ones. I can’t wait to hang them up in an instillation and see what may look like a bunch of bugs on a wall. I think this one looks like a pencil. That’s how i matched up the pink and tan boards. I contemplated adding “lead” to the image, but sometimes you let the viewer decide what they see or don’t see. The color pallet would be primary. It’s hard to see the smaller fins, but they’re this great aqua/teal color. So the board has a retro early 90′s feel with the pink and teal. It’s kind of the color pallet that’s so bad it’s good.  This piece is much simpler then others.  I added some Cleveland, 216, and Blast Off Text and called it a day. bh 10bbh 10c I don’t think it needed to much more.  There was some Asian characters on the tan board, and the pink board has a geometric design on it.


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