Honey I’m Home…

Ochard Blossom Mead

I picked up some local honey from a bee keeper out in North Ridgeville this summer to make some mead. I’m not sure I’ve ever had real honey before this… I’ve always had it out of a bear (yes it’s real, but it’s processed), and this honey was unbelievably good! This particular batch he called Orchard Blossom, based on the time when certain trees and flowers were in bloom. I picked up 60lbs of it! ha ha, it’s really good to snack on too, and I’m sure it’s going to make a great Mead. I didn’t add anything to this batch except the honey. So it’s a straight mead. I still have plenty of honey left, and plan on making some spicy meads, and sweet flavored meads, but that will happen in the upcoming weeks. If you get a chance to pickup local honey, do it! I was never really in to honey, i don’t put it in my tea, i don’t use it in cooking, but when you taste real deal it was great. I had a sore throat a few weeks back and took a few gulps of it, and my throat went from raw to refreshed. Plus, you’d be supporting local business men and women. Any way, back to the mead. I bottled it, and will wait a few months to crack open a bottle. But i know it will be “killer” (pun intended).