I’m from Cleveland… and So are My Peeps

Recycled skate boards equal a new bird house.

Recycled skate boards equal a new bird house.

So… here is my newest project. I’ve been inspired once again, ha ha. A great artist and friend of mine, Dana Depew, mentioned his work with birdhouses recently. As we got to talking i fell in love with the idea of birdhouses and what they can do to an area or location. I have a bunch of skate boards (in case you didn’t know) and i want to do something new with them. So I’m going to create and set free a few bird houses, and when i say a few i mean a lot. It won’t quite be “one a day” like the Pez project, but i hope to get a bunch out there. This one is going in to the 50/50 show on Aug. 2nd. Check out the link if you want to see it, or win it in person. This is my “I’m from Cleveland” bird house. It’s representative of the rust colors (or Browns colors) the city reflects as one of the Rust Belt Cities. If you live in Cleveland and meet someone new the usual first question is “East or West Side”. We’re slightly divided by down town, and no one is exactly sure why…. dun dun DUN. It’s not a bad thing, it’s just a “Cleveland” thing. I have the East and West Side labeled on the side of the birdhouse (see close up shots) Any way, after I post them online I plan on putting them out in nature. Hopefully, they’ll survive and inherit a few squatters or sparrows.