My name is R!ch Cihlar, yes with an “!”. I’m from the Cleveland, Ohio area and I have lived here my entire life.

I think creating art and the process of making it is the way I evaluate the world. I seem to deconstruct a lot of what I see and apply that to what my personal beliefs are, Ex: How it was made, or why was it made, or what can I take away from that moment and use it in someway.

My motivation comes from within. I can’t explain the feeling I have on a daily basis of wanting or needing to make artwork; it’s just there. It’s a natural drive, a perpetual caffeine, a spark added to fuel that refuses to be extinguished.

I constantly find myself studying things that most people might ignore; things like weathered or rusted materials, shapes and patterns, and the natural directions or composition an object might take on.

I guess I would be classified as a “mixed media” artist, that’s where most of my interest and passion radiates. Although you’ll see me work in just about any material, I guess that makes me a Jack of all trades and a master of none.

I like working backwards with a piece, or starting with an object that has already had a former life. When I say working backwards, it usually refers to a set size. I sometimes have a frame and I work from the size of the frame and format it to my work to save on costs. As for found objects, I pick up “garbage” all the time. I think most items, if thought out, can successfully be reused in art or design. Sometimes the object suggests a layout, color pattern, or concept and I just run with it. Sometimes the meaning of the piece doesn’t hit me until I finish it and review it as a whole.

My influences are vast including but not limited to: pop, surreal, traditional, contemporary, and abstract. If you can put “art” after the word, I probably enjoy it. Although I appreciate all forms of art, I only really focus on creating contemporary and pop art. 
 Currently I seem to be following propaganda art, graphic art, and spray paint artists.

A final note to anyone reading this, I’d like to say art isn’t just for “wealthy” or “privileged” people. If you like art, you too can own it and hang it in your home. It makes great gifts, and always appreciates in value (whether it be sentimental or monetary value). So start buying it. If you can’t afford anything, that’s fine too. Attend local exhibitions and show your support at galleries, festivals, or other events. Art events are often free and open to the public. There are a lot of interesting people attending these events, and there’s always something to see! Art collections can begin with small pieces, or prints, (which are usually affordable) and before you know it you’ll have many pieces in your home.


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